Blue Screen Of Death In Windows 10

Blue Screen of Death, also known as BSOD is one of the most dreaded issues that is ever encountered on a Windows 10 laptop. However, there is no need to panic. We have put together a few fixes that may sort out the issues for you. bsodwindows10

Please note that the fixes indicated here in this article are meant to solve the issue of BSOD in its entirety. However, the tips here would help you identify the issues that your system is facing and diagnose the issues on your system.

Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death – STEP 1 – Take a backup

Do not forget to take a backup of all your data. If your system is experiencing any issues and you have plans to work on the maintenance of your laptop, we would strongly advise you to take a complete backup of all your data. It can be a huge issue if you happen to lose your precious data.

You have the option of choosing any of the software tools available in the market or decide to go for a cloud storage option as well.

Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death – STEP 2 – Try recreating the issue

You may need to find precisely which programs you caused the BSOD syndrome on your laptop. Try to recollect the exact program you had been using at the time the infamous issue hit you. The BSOD can be caused because of several reasons. It can be a hardware that conflicts with your software or a corrupted driver. If you are able to recreate it, you can easily zero in on the exact program or hardware that could be the root cause of the issue.

At times, you may not be able to find the exact reason. You can go on narrowing down the root causes. Once you find the the exact issue that results in the crashes, you can take action to address the issue. The fixes could be updating the drivers of the concerned hardware, checking for the updated and compatible version of software that possibly causes the issue.

Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death – STEP 3 – Check what exactly the error code means

When your laptop is hit with Blue Screen of Death syndrome, it will display an error code. Note this error code. You can search over the internet to know what exactly this error code means. There are a couple of authority sites dealing with those issues like the Dell Laptop Repair Centers. Even Microsoft may offer you the clear insight into the error code.

Getting to know the error code precisely will help you in identifying the issue that is plaguing your laptop. It would be a great idea to get to know what causes the issue and it will let you have a clear idea in narrowing down to the root cause of the issue.

Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death – STEP 4 – Check your hardware

Finding exactly which hardware is causing the issue may not be an easy task. Run your system with the basic set of hardware. You can go on adding the hardware one by one to find what recreates the problem.

If you are on a desktop PC, it can be quite easy to open the machine and check all the connections are proper. A component that has slipped a little out its base could have caused the issue. Push all the components like RAM, different cards, and other components into the respective slots. Find if you have added any new hardware. It could be possible that the newly added sound card, RAM or a video card might have been the reason for the BSOD affecting your system.

Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death – STEP 5 – Update your Windows

A Windows 10 installation may be outdated or needs updating. Look for the Windows Update on your laptop. Check if you have any important updates are pending.

Finding the Windows update should be an easy task. Click on a search area on the taskbar and type in Windows Update. Choose the option offered and find the pending updates. Do remember that the updates marked Important are needed for the proper functioning of your system and should not be left out.

Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death – STEP 6 – Update drivers

Drivers are the major culprits when it comes to the occurrence of Blue Screen Death problem. You can check if you have recently updated the drivers for any of your hardware. That should precisely be the reason for the issue of BSOD affecting you. Find if you can revert to the previous version. The update could be faulty. Visit the manufacturer website to find if they anything to help you about.

If the manufacturer website has a dedicated forum that handles customer queries, it could be more helpful in pin pointing the issues with the drivers.

And in Conclusion

The Blue Screen of Death can be a risky problem. However, you have several options that may help you sort out the issue. We hope that the tips we have listed out above would be of enough help to you.  If you are unable to sort out the trouble, you can always get the laptop serviced by the best Dell Laptop Repair Center near you.

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