Hard drive failure symptoms for laptop? Know in Details

Each of us has valuable files like personal documents, photos, videos or audio files, and usually store them on hard drives. Few people know that most electronic storage devices, including hard drives, have a life very limited compared to the old ways of storing information, such as stone, papyrus, paper or old school folder. The average duration of a fixed hard disk is 5 to 10 years, depending on the type and manufacturer, and decreases rapidly when the player is exposed to strong fluctuations of temperature, humidity and movement are not.

Since most people now have laptops and external hard drives, an unrealistic long-lived probably followed about 3-5 years. This is a brief, important data to store reliably over time. In the best case, do not gradually get hard disks, give you the opportunity to receive a copy of your data, and replace the storage device before facing a serious failure. There are many signs that indicate a progressive failure of the hard drive. If you are not sure how much life is left on the hard drive, read this article to know what signs of a defect can suggest that approach.

Reducing the speed of the Laptop, often freezes, Blue Screen of Death

These are very specific characters that can be caused by a million different things. However, whatever the problem behind these symptoms, it is recommended that you return immediately. If these problems Lenovo Laptop Service Center in Churchagate occur after a new or without installing Windows in safe mode, it is almost safe because of the faulty devices and maybe a bad hard drive.

Incorrect data

If you start to find files that are not even recorded, without errors opened and corrupted, or if the files disappear at once, you should take care. Then again, it could be due to a variety of topics but also a typical sign of a progressive failure of the hard drive.

The accumulation of bad sectors

Faulty sectors are areas of the hard disk that do not maintain data integrity. They are masked by the operating system and therefore difficult to identify, especially when large amounts of disk are currently in use automatically. However, if you have really bad sectors, it is a bad sign.

You can manually perform a disk check to identify errors that Windows has not detected. In Windows 7, go to> Start> Computer, and right-click the drive or partition that you want to scan. Select> Properties in the window that appears, click the tab> click Tools> Check Now …

There are tools to predict hard disk errors, by using the S.M.A.R.T. Read (Automation, Analysis and Reporting) data from the operating system is stored. Unfortunately, like most other methods above, S.M.A.R.T. It is notoriously unreliable hard disk failure and disaster often occur before S.M.A.R.T. Predict Kicks warning. If you have a coaching job, however, and you want to take a look at your S.M.A.R.T. To take information in this article – 4 tools to predict a hard disk error and prevent,

So you are worried that a failure of the hard drive is just around the corner? The truth is that even if you do not worry, it is! The only thing you can do is to keep backups of your data on a second hard drive. The likelihood of two hard drives failing at the same time is very rare. An exception would be natural catastrophes such as flooding or fires. In these cases, I recommend keeping a copy of your most important data in a different physical location, such as at work or with a friend, or perhaps on a remote server, for example, a backup solution using line.


Do not rely on sign or software to tell if you have a failed hard drive. It is more than likely that this will happen unexpectedly and without warning signs. Instead of trying to predict something that is even less predictable than the weather, you need to rely on backups.What is your worst nightmare hardware failures, ever happened, and really no information lost?

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