How to fix software problems for laptop? Know in Details

The most serious software problems are usually caused by a hardware error. No start (with or without error message), frequent failures with different times, frequent errors or freezes Windows extremely slow performance running the whole hard disk, memory (RAM), motherboard or overheating problems. If you use the recommendations to configure Windows with two accounts, the chances of viruses or spyware are very slim.


The most common software errors are caused by viruses and spyware. The laptop is slow, internet does not work, a symbol next to the clock is trying to scare buy from “spyware” Internet Explorer does not work when you try to start a program that needs more than a minute, etc .

The other common cause of problems is to upgrade a software or install a new driver or a Windows update. In these cases, the solution is simple: restart the computer in Safe Mode and use the version of Windows System Restore to undo the last installation or upgrade. If the team does not start in safe mode, Windows must be reinstalled.


There are two ways to do this:

Try to remove all viruses and spyware, although there are some bad trojans and rootkits which are almost impossible to remove. This procedure seems quicker and easier, but it can take about two hours to over six hours.

Install Windows. Back up files, install / restore Windows from the CD that came with your computer, and then reinstall any programs that you use and copy your files. This method will probably take at least three or four hours and will restore all the custom settings you need in Windows and large software that you use. The advantage of this method is that it handles all the software problems that you have and your Lenovo Laptop Service Center in NIT Faridabad will end up getting faster. Modern versions of Windows are much more stable than in previous versions of Windows. When using reliable hardware drivers and programs, a typical Windows computer should not have blue screen.

If you often find blue screens of death, there is a good chance that your hardware is broken. However, blue screens could also be caused by badly programmed hardware drivers.

If you just installed or hardware updates and blue screen drivers, try to uninstall the drivers or use the system recovery, there may be something wrong with the drivers. If you have not done anything with their drivers and recently started doing blue screens, there is a good chance that you have a hardware problem.

When equipment starts to fail …

Here are some common elements that can fail and the problems that can lead to failures:

Hard Drive: When your hard drive is running, the files on the hard drive can be damaged. You can see long delays when you try to access files or stored on the hard drive. Windows may stop completely boot.

CPU: CPU, which start your computer, can not afford at all. If the CPU overheats, the computer’s blue screen can load under load, for example, when challenging a game or a video encoding.

RAM: Applications for writing data in your RAM and use it for short-term storage. If your RAM is running, an application can write data from the RAM, then read it again and get an incorrect value. This can cause application errors, blue screens, and file corruption.

Graphics: Problems with graphics cards cause graphics errors when they make 3D content or even appear during the desktop. If the graphics card overheats, you can lock the graphics drivers or freeze the computer during the charging process – for example, when challenging 3D games are played.

Fans: If one of the fans on your computer fails, the components can overheat and you can see the CPU problems or previous graphics card. Your computer too suddenly an overheat to avoid can be closed, and even be damaged.

Motherboard: The problems of the motherboard can be extremely difficult to diagnose. You can occasionally see blue screens or similar problems.

Food: A defective power supply is also difficult to diagnose because it can produce a lot of energy in the component damage and cause a dys

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