How to Replace Your Laptop Keyboard? Know in Details

If your laptop buttons are sticky, or some of them are not present, or the keyboard does not work, you can usually replace the entire keyboard for between $ 20 and $ 60 The operation is not as difficult as you might think , And its implementation has the advantage of not removing every single key and replacing it. Although every laptop is different, often remove the keyboard of your laptop, simply screwing a lid, removing a few screws and pulling a cable.

If you are going to, you can approach this project from the comfort of your own home. Note: A portable work is a terrible thing to waste, and PCWorld assumes no liability for damage to your device can happen when you are trying to disarm. Also, if the doubling of our process actually requires all open your laptop – when, for example, you need to remove more than one screw handle – you need to call a professional. And finally, before anything else, whether the laptop is still under warranty. If so, you might be able to replace it for free.

Replace the keyboard

A detailed guide on how to replace the keyboard of your laptop in particular that the general steps that are provided here are online. There is a small chance that your laptop is unique and have a quite different procedure to replace the standard, described here. Check with the manufacturer of your laptop and the location where you purchased the replacement keyboard to see if they provide specific instructions for DIY repairs. Some manufacturers provide service manuals with detailed instructions on a variety of maintenance; Otherwise, perform a search on the Web Keyboard Replacement with the model number of your Lenovo Laptop Service Center in Greater Noida.

Let’s start now! Confirm that you have purchased the appropriate replacement, put on the new laptop, and see if it appears to be the shape and size. Then take your tools: a small cross-slot screwdriver to remove the small screws, and a butter knife or other small thin flat tool to remove any cover.

Make sure the laptop is turned off completely:

Unplug the power cord and remove the battery. Carefully remove the keyboard (without removing the laptop data cable) and disconnect the data cable connector. Then remove the data cable and set the old keyboard aside.

Get your new keyboard, align (without customization) and connect the data cable connector to the laptop, usually insert through the flat ribbon cable to the stop and turn the small latch connector. With the connected data cable, insert the keyboard in place, doing so not to pull or damage the cable in any way. Put the screws that hold the button pressed and put the cover / panel, which usually requires some strength. If you remove the front cover screws, remove them again.


Once you are done with these steps, you can restart the battery and start the laptop. If all goes well, you should have a perfectly functioning keyboard in a fraction of the cost of having a professional repair service with the job!

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