How to troubleshoot and fix video problems for laptop? Know in Details

Look at the Laptop LCD screen closely and see if you can see a weak image on the screen. You can change the LCD lid to close in the “closed” position and the backlight is also held off when you open the LCD screen or turn on the laptop. The switch turns the backlight on when you close the LCD screen battery to save the laptop. Check the switch to close the lid of the LCD. Normally, it is a small plastic pin near the liquid crystal hinges. Try to turn the switch a few times to hit the lights. If after the switch in the LCD lid lock switch to play, the backlight remains on, it solved the problem.

It is also possible that in switch after playing the lid of the LCD backlight works well close, you see a normal video on the screen for a while, then the backlight off again. In this case, the fault I map the FL inverter. Try reseating the cables at both ends of the FL inverter to make a better contact between the cables and the flip plate FL. If this does not help, I would try to replace the board of FL inverters.

To remove all liquid waste: Have someone remove the key unit and perform additional cleaning. It can help to use cotton swabs and distilled water to remove contamination. If secondary corrosion effects can be suspected (with coke), wipe all suspicious area with a cotton swab moistened with CRC or WD-40. Drying the treated areas so that it remains only a thin film of the corrosion protection solution WD-40. While the keyboard is removed, use a bright light and a magnifying glass to investigate areas where the liquid is brought into contact. The idle state is a method of storing the operating state (content) of your work on the hard disk in front of the Lenovo Laptop Service Center in Sikanderpur into the idle or standby mode. When the laptop wakes up, they are back to the exact spot where they were before. The standby and hibernation uses low energy consumption, with enough force to hold the contents of this memory. This means that the laptop can wake up without a complete reset and loss of work.

The laptop is gone according to the random principle

This is often caused by:

  • AC adapter detects a power consumption overload
  • CPU due to an internal dust (clogged fan) overheating
  • Adapter is unable to resist normal current sector needs (defective power supply)
  • Battery overheat levels due to a failure of the internal battery or load
  • Intermittent short or open connection (check the status of power cables)

In older laptops, the most common reason is poor cooling. Try to go somewhere with air conditioning and see if that helps. Check the areas near the internal fans; See if it is an accumulation of dust fibers. A simple way to check this; With the device running, feel the air flow to the output (s) of the cooling – is the very low airflow? If present, and the unit is at its normal operating temperature, it may indicate that the internal cooling system is partially blocked.

Video playback problems can often be directly attributed to the necessary hardware and drivers to support any system component. Drivers are small programs that tell the hardware how to perform it and make the system performance crucial.

The simplified block diagram shows the basic components that are present in a problem LCD computer video display.

Positions of connectors 1 – 2 – 3: The video data from the motherboard to the LCD connector 2. The video cable of the LF voltage inverter board sent to connector 3 also feeds.

PCB Locations FL Inverter 3 -4: This section converts the DC source of low voltage connector (3) to the high voltage AC connector (4) needed to activate the backlighting lamp. If the FL inverter circuit board is defective, the LCD will appear as a very weak image on the laptop screen.

CCFL (backlighting lamp): When the backlighting bulb is working, you can see the picture on the LCD screen. For some laptops, backlighting light bulb is part of the mounting LCD and needs to be replaced by a complete set of LCD.

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