Why We Rated Excellent By Customer ? Dell Service Center In Ghaziabad

I had a firsthand experience with the Dell service center present at Ghaziabad, called the Laptop repairing center. I would like to bring it to everyone’s notice that it was the best experience I ever had with a service center in my life. Those guys were reliable, quick as well as pocket-friendly, they did such an amazing job that I will recommend their services to anyone living in the Ghaziabad area no matter whatever the problem they are facing with their laptops.

I have a Dell laptop and being one of the best brands in the international market they have to maintain their reputation and provide exceptional service to retain their customer base and that is exactly what this service center showed me, how important I am to them. Their policy being customer comes first and all customers are important is what they implement in reality and are not just tag lines for them.

They provide all the facilities any customer can wish for, from onsite repairs to online assistance to repair center they have it all and will help you deal with the issue as fast as they can. The best part being is they will also be as pocket-friendly as it can get, as I have also seen all service centers print out long bills with a lot of add ones to what really got changed.


This will not happen in their case as they will always be ready to explain you for what you were charged and why , they even let you take the defected parts that they replaced home with you just in case you ask for it. Even though I preferred other   service center before I found out about these guys, but one visit at their service center made me rethink and question my decision of not coming to them before.

I hope you guys at least try them once and then think about whether you want to go with again or not, but I am pretty sure that you will never go to any other service center ever again. Where they impressed me the most was when along with providing me exceptional service they also gave me tips on how to take care of my laptop as well as boost its performance and that too for free. They do such good work that you will never have to visit them again soon enough. Even though for me it was never about the money but still when I saw the bill I thought this was the best price in which I could have gotten my laptop repaired and that too with such experienced and friendly staff that are always there to help you at their maximum capacity. According to my own personal experience along with several other people I know all in all it was the best professional service that I got for my laptop.

Dedicated to Dell Service Center in Ghaziabad Team

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